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I Love Free Software on the go: the Replicant operating system in practice

On I Love Free Software Day 2020 I’d like to pay attention to and thank the Replicant operating system, which is in active development and empowers users to use Free Software on the go.

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My participation in the FSFE 2019 GA meeting in Essen

View on the Ruhr at the venue. Thankful to be among the guests that the FSFE GA invited to join their meeting, I went on 11 October 2019 to the Linuxhotel “Villa Vogelsang” in Essen.

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My participation in the first FSFE Summit and 15th anniversary celebration

From 2 to 4 September I’ve been in Free Berlin to participate in the first FSFE Summit and in the 15th anniversary celebration. Thanks to FSFE I’ve met interesting people, discovered surprising technologies and heard inspiring talks from people of all walks of life. It was an honour to speak about translating for Free Software.

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Free Software PDF-Campaign: It isn’t over until it is over

After FSFE decided to officially end the PDF-campaign, the situation in the Netherlands still asked for action.

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Why we convinced a Dutch government agency to use an Open Document format

When it comes to the use of Open Document formats in the public administration of the Netherlands there is no law. There is the “apply or explain”-rule which among other things means that a public administration has to use Open Standards unless they specifically explain why they can’t. As this rule has no teeth, all […]

Free Software FSFE Personal technology Policy

I Love Free Software Day 2015: GnuPG

If you went through regular education in the Netherlands like me, then you most likely ended up in a situation where what you’ve been thought and what is happening around you now are two completely different things.


Welcome on my blog

Hello. My name is André and I’m from the Netherlands. I translate for the Free Software Foundation Europe. Welcome on my blog.