I Love Free Software on the go: the Replicant operating system in practice

I love Free Software!

On I Love Free Software Day 2020 I’d like to pay attention to and thank the Replicant operating system, which is in active development and empowers users to use Free Software on the go.

As a user with a non-technical background it was an honor and a privilege to attend the Replicant Birds of a Feather (BoF) meeting at FOSDEM 2020. There I concluded that my choice for Replicant not only helps the environment and strengthens the sustainability of my hardware, but also that the project is in active development and will support more contemporary hardware. At the end of the meeting the team handed out Replicant stickers on behalf of the Free Software Foundation, which you can join.

In practice I found out that you can root a device yourself, check that it is encrypted (IsPhoneEncrypted), use 2FA on it (andOTP), as well as OMEMO encrypted XMPP messaging (Conversations), store your notes safely (Notes), subscribe and listen to podcasts (AntennaPod), read RSS (Feeder) and do a lot of other things thanks to the F-Droid repository. A smartphone from 2011 doesn’t offer contemporary hardware specifications, but thanks to ForceDoze my battery is saved between sessions. Maybe you can give Replicant a try – I have and am happy with it!