Downloading e-books with Free Software

Today NRC brought the news: and CPNB are coming with an e-book reader for everyone. Anyone who registers for a LeesID-account can read and administer books from several webshops in a digital bookcase.

LeesID also has it’s disadvantages:

  • LeesID is administering your books on it’s own
  • LeesID knows what you are reading;
  • You have to log-in first;
  • No support for free operating systems.

Free Software offers you e-book readers such as Calibre and FBReader.

  • You administer your e-books yourself;
  • The developers do not know what you are reading;
  • You do not need to log-in;
  • Support for free operating systems;
  • A collection of DRM-free

The choice is up to you.