How to generate a password with special characters

After Matthias showed me how to generate a password, I wanted to be able to create one with special characters. This way you don’t have to add them later to the password yourself.

I started with pwgen, that you can install in the command line with:

apt-get install pwgen

If you run pwgen, you generate random passwords like:


The passwords are all made up of 8 characters and you get 160 of them at once.

If you want to enforce numbers in the passwords, you type in the command line -n:

pwgen -n

If you want to have at least a capital letter in every password, you type -c:

pwgen -c

If you want to generate completely random passwords, you type -s:

pwgen -s

And if you want to have one with at least one special symbol in every password you choose -y:

pwgen -y

So if you add everything up, if you type:

pwgen -c -n -s -y

you can make your own password from a result like this:

7?|%Wr0! \xXJk7Mp OY=CD@2i !0;I.,\a j2%aFf5: {GIBK4nZ O’_73K>8 P.1@Nm2e
9y(<bG{Z B)db4(H# /iYy”?0) Yc6/OJ/& 5It&=,>8 \n6#F)%N 8+@nljiF M*H5?<nq
#9I4LEk\ S’h-e0Ax 8lEw’v?y w3n,y,iQ FBk$w7or $p^W9[/| #7eA|D8f 2[ACJDv+
q\s.70Do 7!)]}QmA rU!RdIA8 7p@K?3cD 7=/~’Rhe ;{2OCqYn z9>+”N]l 6UYz!]q[
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Q3.Ez!N\ m0M`m3x$ 6WY=z-x2 H’W)$_98 9″V2.+$S xEAv5`~n GR$Zz:|7 |W3AqXHe
gE`rSMU4 fKa*HLs8 &kQ~s0<i eq)U_8.W %|rD6n+S 5XBV’38k ;9(*AMzB ,u’6IU@2
U`G2F`y. hd05BEg? [26T&U#+ dj1&7tdX V+i>:a32 c^.RGNh1 ^U”3XVR[ eZnc!a56
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