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Dutch coalition agreement: where’s the trust in Free Software?

The new Dutch government, consisting of liberal-conservatives (VVD), christian democrats (CDA), democrats (D66) and orthodox protestants (CU), published the new coalition agreement: Vertrouwen in de toekomst (“Trust in the future”). I searched through all sections of this document, searching for the word “software”.

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Why we convinced a Dutch government agency to use an Open Document format

When it comes to the use of Open Document formats in the public administration of the Netherlands there is no law. There is the “apply or explain”-rule which among other things means that a public administration has to use Open Standards unless they specifically explain why they can’t. As this rule has no teeth, all […]

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I Love Free Software Day 2015: GnuPG

If you went through regular education in the Netherlands like me, then you most likely ended up in a situation where what you’ve been thought and what is happening around you now are two completely different things.

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Free Software and a pension fund

The pension fund I’m with requires proprietary flash software on it’s website. Members face the choice: install flash or be uninformed.